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General Disclaimer

This site is mainly harbouring my fanfictions.

The rating goes from U to R18 (British Board of Film Classification), and stories may deal with male/male, or female/female, relationships (as well as a handful of kinks).

Each posted work is going to be clearly labelled, but by entering the site, you accept the nature of its contents, and you affirm that you are of age to read such material in your country (i.e.: incompetent parents can't e-mail me to ask why their precious ones were reading porn - I won't do their job for them!).

Flamers and plonkers will be adopted by my blood relatives (in case you're wondering... that IS a threat).

That being said, feedback is most welcome, and the house accepts challenges.

Enjoy the third haven!

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Created on November, 12th, 2004 by Drusilla Dax